Slots-story: Facilitate Inter-generational Life Story Sharing and Preservation of the Elderly

Monday 1 October 2018
Organisers or author: 
Cun Li, Jun Hu, Bart Hengeveld, Caroline Hummels

Work in progress paper.

In this paper, we present Slots-story, a system consisting a slots machine-like device and a flash disk, aiming to facilitate intergenerational story sharing and preservation. The former is used by the elderly, which builds on metaphor of slots machine, and integrates functions of memory cue generator, story recording and preservation. In the flash disk, by default there are 40 trigger questions covering most aspects of an entire life course, and which could be customized by the young. The flash disk is also used to preserve story audios. Desgin requirements and opportunities are defined in contexual inquiry. Preliminary evaluation is conducted, discussion and future work are in the final part.