NordiCHI 2018 Sponsor opportunities

The NordiCHI conference series

NordiCHI is the primary conference for human-computer interaction research and practice in the Nordic countries and Europe. Since its inception in 2000, NordiCHI has brought together leading researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, discuss new methods and review standard practices. NordiCHI aims to ensure that participants can connect, network and learn from their peers to build lasting relationships and explore new applications in human-computer interaction research. It provides an environment in which important issues and contrasting perspectives will be discussed as part of an intensive 3-day programme. The event covers a wide range of leading edge HCI research today. The NordiCHI conference has not been arranged i Norway since 2006, in Oslo.

The NordiCHI 2018 conference will continue this tradition and offer a balance of academic and practitioner presentations, design cases, tutorials and workshops, aesthetic artefacts, and interactive demos. More information can be found on


This exclusive event attracts approx. 300-350 HCI professionals from universities and innovative organisations to engage in a high-level exchange of ideas. The participants are researchers, practitioners and students within the field of HCI and user experience research and design.

The venues

The conference will be held in the centre of Oslo, Norway at the OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. The pre-conference sessions will be held at the Department of Informatics at Oslo University.

Why Sponsor the NordiCHI 2018 Conference?

Sponsorship is one of the best ways to brand your organization as a provider of State-of-the-Art user experience solutions and to highlight your commitment to advancing the field of Human-Computer Interaction. As a sponsor, you will be able to:

  • Connect with the best researchers, practitioners and students within the field of HCI and user experience research and design,
  • Showcase your organization’s expertise at a world-class conference. The conference provides high-quality opportunities for attendees to learn, connect, and share with their peers,
  • Demonstrate and expose your products and services to the leading researchers and professionals in the field,
  • The success of NordiCHI 2018 is dependent on the support of local and international sponsors.

We hope you’ll join us as a sponsor. Together, we’ll make this the best NordiCHI conference yet!


In addition to our immense gratitude, NordiCHI Conference sponsors receive an array of unique benefits and promotional opportunities. NordiCHI 2018 offers several levels of exposure to its sponsors, categorised in four sponsorship groups:

  • Platinum: NOK 50.000 (1x)
  • Gold: NOK 30.000 (2x)
  • Silver (exhibition): NOK 15.000
  • Bronze (leaflet): NOK 6.000.

For a more detailed description of the packages, see the sponsor leaflet. If you have an idea that you would like to contribute with, please contact us at

Add delight

Sponsors help us provide something extra for the participants. NordiCHI 2018 welcomes all opportunities to surprise, delight and lift a participant above their expected experience of the conference. You could be thinking about offering

  • A construction activity – Lego
  • Branded giveaways like pens, cups, t-shirts, phone accessories
  • Social activities like a social photo wall with a Polaroid camera
  • Special events in the city – a guided tour of a museum or monument in the evening

or other things that could make the conference more enjoyable. We are always interested in adding something that will get people talking and make their experience truly memorable.

Lanyards / Bags

We have two available additions to the Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship packages at no extra charge.

If you would like to supply branded lanyards to hold the name badges or branded bags for the participant packs, please express your interest when confirming your sponsorship. Each offer is on a first come / first served basis. All item production and shipment costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Please contact for inquiries.