Exploring the Role of Feedback on Trust for the Robots Used in Homes of the Elderly

Monday 1 October 2018
Organisers or author: 
Fahd Newaz, Diana Saplacan

Work in progress paper.

This paper explores the role of design and use of digital feedback mechanisms in domestic autonomous devices. We explore this in relation to elderly’s trust towards robots. Specifically, the paper reflects on a case study conducted with various user groups using semiautonomous vacuum cleaning robots. We have included both young and old participants in the study to expand our understanding of the potential challenges encountered. The methods employed were observation and interviews. The data shows that depending on the information users are provided about the actions and functionality of a given device, their degree of trust towards the device can be influenced. Similarly, there is a relation between the degree of trust toward the technology and the users’ willingness to use it. Bridging the gap between the degree of trust towards a technology, through feedback, can play a critical role in encouraging people to use and retain any given technology.