Defining Design Events

Tuesday 2 October 2018
Organisers or author: 
Søren Rasmussen, Jonas Frich

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This paper explores how different occurrences come to define the progression and perception of design processes. We turn to the notion of a design event, which is often used to describe specific occurrences in the design process, and to highlight moments of interest. However, the term seems to have no clear origin or agree-upon definition. In order to qualify the term, we provide a working definition using two different methods: First, a comprehensive review of the literature engaging with the term. This indicates that design events are somewhat equal to workshops, but with additional nuances. Second, interviews with design practitioners on types of design events and how they define their work. We present a basic typology of design events and provide detailed accounts of their characteristics. The difference between design events described in literature and design events disclosed by the practitioners are discussed. We conclude with a working definition.