Revisiting the life cycle, Oslo, 1-3. October 2018

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Welcome to NordiCHI'18!

NordiCHI is a biennial conference functioning as the main Nordic forum for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. NordiCHI is the meeting place for researchers from academia and industry, designers, practitioners, educators and others from a broad range of traditions and communities. The NordiCHI conference takes HCI in the non-limited sense of research and practice addressing the design and use of interactive technology. The NordiCHI conference is a joint effort initiated by Nordic HCI organisations

The theme of NordiCHI'18 is revisiting the life cycle in light of current technologies and socio-technical concerns. Today technology development blurs existing borders between design and use – we are concerned not only about how we can have users imagine and try out “use-before-use” but also how we can enable them to live with the design results and fit them into their changing lives, that is to do “design-after-design”. For many years Nordic designers have involved users in imagining use-before-use as a way for them to influence the design. We could also discuss how to build artefacts for users so that they themselves design-after-design. Secondly, the focus on sustainability in both design and use strengthens the widening of the life cycle seeing the results of design becoming parts of our lives – in the small as well as in the big scale. Looking for sustainability in all aspects of use and design obviously influence our field and may create new forms of interaction and interaction design.

NordiCHI'18 is the 10th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Previous conferences have been held in Gothenburg 2016, Helsinki 2014, Copenhagen 2012, Reykjavik 2010, Lund 2008, Oslo 2006, Tampere 2004, Århus 2002, Stockholm 2000. See for the conference series.

Welcome to a NordiCHI dedicated to a better future!

Your proud hosts:
Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


Preconference activities

29-30.September 2018.

Main conference

1-3. October 2018

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